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PNAC/NATO Plan for the Middle East – Political Reorganization

The following is a map proposed by retired US Army Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters. An ardent supporter of the 2003 invasion, Peters’ ties to government ‘puppetmasters’ and PNAC* seniors has not yet been verified. However the ‘map’ appears to satisfy most criteria laid out by the PNAC* manifesto
*PNAC refers to the Project for a New American Century, which is a roadmap laid out by a group of major political figures also referred to as ‘Neo Conservatives’ or ‘NeoCons’ for short. Most members of this group have been deeply influenced by the beliefs of Leopold Strauss of the University of Chicago. It is this group who have most deeply influenced the administrations of Both generations of Bush and also Barack Obama’s administration. Please see the following website for primary information on the ‘project’.
Project for a New American Century
What makes this map rather important – is the fact that these plans are rather consistent with NATO’s agenda and current actions in the middle east. It is under the rhetorical blanket of Globalization and ‘World Security’ (that is, ‘security’ for the West – and insecurity for the ‘rest’) that these plans will be proposed. You will also note that it is exclusively those nations who act autonomously from the West and autonomously from the IMF (are most influenced by Sharia Law, which does not permit gambling or similar activities – i.e. ‘charging of interest’ in a financial transaction) who are strictly targeted for breakup.

The specific PATTERN of political breakup and control is more evident when examining the national splits and laying of boundaries in the context of oil bearing regions. Navigating one’s mouse across the second map below reveals this clearly.

High resolution map of traditional (2012) borders
High resolution map of traditional (2012) borders
High resolution map of traditional (2012) borders WITH OIL deposits
High resolution map of proposed borders WITH OIL deposits
Ralph Peters on Wikipedia
Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a “New Middle East”
Counterpoint/Disinformation References
The fallacy behind Ralph Peters’ new Middle East map

All Maps have been been created by hand using Google Maps data. All boundaries are accurate to within one arc-minute.
The indicated oil bearing regions were recompiled from data displayed at the following URLs:
Middle East Map of the Future

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