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OTHER FORENSIC SITES Many other websites of quality exist on the net. which offer informative and thoughtful points of view on the subject. The following are a few that we are familiar with and heartily recommend:
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth



    FORENSIC EVIDENCEThere are no “theories” involved in the main avenue of investigation, only evidence. Forensic principles have been applied to source, analyze, and present the evidence so uncovered. There is now ample proof that explosives were used to bring down the twin towers, along with many other glaring contradictions between the facts on the ground and the official conspiracy theory.

The World Trade Center
      • The Twin Towers
      • Bulding 7

The Pentagon

Cellphone Technology

The Alleged Hijackers

    SYNTHETIC TERRORISM there are no “conspiracies” involved in the 9/11 attacks, only operations. as you will see, such operations have been planned and/or executed for many decades. Called “false flag” operations, they are actually carried out by operatives, evidence is planted, and then the blame is placed on parties that, although innocent, have resources that are coveted by the real perpetrators.

Operation Northwoods

Operation Gladio

Operation Pearl

Other Operations

Al Qaeda & Bin Laden

    BACKGROUND INTELLIGENCE There are many items of readily verified public information that explain how synthetic terrorism was facilitated. For example, there were extensive war games going on during the 9/11 attacks. Some of these games involved “hijackers” flying airliners into buildings! War games provided a “cover” for the real operation. Previous false flag operations are now coming to light.

September 11

Intelligence Warnings

Previous Operations

De Facto DisinformationThe term “defacto disinfo” refers to the uncertainty created when someone makes a claim that undermines current widely understood findings. Is it an honest opinion fuelled by incomplete research or is it an attempt at “well poisoning”? The articles here refute claims that a) the videos of aircraft striking the World Trade Center were faked and b) nanothermite is not or cannot be a high explosive.

Who Controlled the Planes?

NEW: 9/11 Intercepted – a Presentation by Pilots for 9/11 Truth

NEW: Assessing Alternate Theories about
the Twin-Tower Destructions

The Official Conspiracy Theory
Five Minute Video Summary

Psychologists Explain 9/11 Denial


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