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9-11 Media Cover Blown by Rupert Murdoch? Senator Bob Graham calls for investigation

Saudis and Bush Family Alleged co-conspirators
in 9/11 attacks. First step of ‘MIHOP’ (‘Make it Happen on Purpose’ vs ‘LIHOP’ – ‘Let it Happen on Purspose’ is to recognize government actions behind 9/11.
on Sunday – Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post broke the following Story:
INSIDE THE SAUDI 9/11 COVERUP (click link)

911 Saudi-Bush family Co-conspirator Surprise

alleging foreknowledge (and thus CO-PLANNING) of attacks of September 11, 2001. Not only is this interesting from the perspective that Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post would permit blowing of the cover of the ‘Official Story’ from it’s own political perspective – but others have now latched onto these hidden articles and the story is starting to go VIRAL.
Senator Bob Graham of Florida (presumably no friend of Jeb Bush) has now taken the issue into Congress and is demanding a full scale investigation into not only hidden secret evidence and redactions from the report itself but also coverups and wrongdoing by NIST, the CIA, FBI and NSA. Please read on by clicking on image below:
Bob Graham calls for re-investigation of 9/11 coverup

Stay tuned, gentle reader! Will this blow up into the debacle of the century for the Military Industrial Complex and the Bush-Obamas and powers-that-be? Will George Bush be extradited from his cozy Uruguayan Ranch paradise and be brought in for Trials? Or will Rupert Murdoch be vaporized into dark grey ash floating down the streets of Washington DC? Only the future can tell…
Next step: false flag nature of attacks

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