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The War on Terror: General Advisory

The text below was mailed as a hardcopy to multiple addresses. Click to view one copy of the original letter sent to Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

General Advisory

by A. K. Dewdney

July 28, 2006


The War on Terror, currently being prosecuted by the United States and its allies, is based entirely on the premise that the “terror attacks” of September 11 2001 were planned and carried out by Arab/Muslim extremists. The War has been given further impetus and justification by additional attacks taking place in Bali, Indonesia, in Madrid, Spain, in London, England, and elsewhere. However, it now appears that Al Qaeda is an extensive “false flag” operation.

There is strong evidence that the attacks of September 11 were not carried out by Arab/Muslim extremists. The aircraft that struck the twin towers, as well as the Pentagon, were not the aircraft alleged to have done so. The twin towers did not collapse as a result of fires caused by the impact of incoming aircraft, but were brought down by controlled demolition. Indeed, the WTC leaseholder at the time has confessed on video to having brought down Building 7 (not struck by any aircraft) by controlled demolition. There is a great deal of evidence, all of it based on credible primary sources, that stands in direct contradiction to the White House scenario, as portrayed in the 9/11 Commission and the NIST WTC reports. The latter documents are notable only for their avoidance of the central issues raised by this evidence.

There is also strong evidence that the aforesaid bombings in Bali, Madrid, and elsewhere were not the work of “terrorists,” but staged affairs.

Sadly, the mistaken nature of the War on Terror leaves us with only two alternatives: Your agency is either aware of these facts or it is not. We ask that you review the evidence and declare immediately for the second alternative, informing your government in the process. We are aware that precedents exist for the first alternative; the plan called Operation Northwoods was approved by the Joint Chiefs in 1962. It called for hijackings of passenger aircraft, blowing up a US ship, and orchestrated terrorism in American cities – all to be blamed on Fidel Castro.

It needs to be stressed that our analyses do not represent “theories” of any kind. They are conclusions based on what can only be described as “forensic analysis.”

This message constitutes an open letter to intelligence agencies generally. Specific versions have been sent by post to the directors of the five major intelligence agencies in North America to see if a response is forthcoming or not. Any such response will be posted here.

Our moral and legal duty to give formal warnings is hereby discharged.



The Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-eleven is an organization of scientists, engineers, airline pilots, military and intelligence officers, as well as experts in Islam and Politics. All have professional credentials, with solid contributions in their respective fields. The Panel maintains a website which contains much of the relevant evidence and its analysis physics-911.com.

Judging from the rapid growth in internet traffic at our sites, we are in a position to declare that our view is rapidly gaining ground and that sooner or later a majority of westerners will no longer believe the official scenario. For example, as early as 2004, a Zogby poll revealed that 49% of New Yorkers believed that the White House had advance knowledge of the attacks.

>> Reply from CSIS

Reply from CSIS

The text below was re-typed from a hard-copy letter received in the mail. Click on these links to view scans of the original letter: page 1 and page 2.

Mr. A.K. Dewdney
London, Ontario

Octo 30 2006

Dear Mr. Dewdney:

This is to confirm that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) received your correspondence of July 28, 2006, concerning your theories regarding the events of September 11, 2001.

CSIS does not share the views you suggest. The idea that the attacks were carried out by an entity other than Al Qaida was proposed shortly after 9/11, but proved to be not plausible.

As indicated by the Director of CSIS in his June 2006 appearance before the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence, activities related to the “AI Qaida ideology” are currently the most prominent and immediate terrorist security threat faced globally and domestically. It is a phenomenon that has been manifested in many parts of the world.

Most Western democracies are facing a similar threat and some like the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands have been the targets of terrorist attacks. Canada has also been named on several occasions as one of six Western “target countries” by Al Qaida leaders, most recently last summer. CSIS works closely with its partners such as the RCMP and other Canadian and international agencies to protect Canada from such attacks.

Please be assured that CSIS works diligently to protect Canada’s national security.

Yours sincerely,

John M. Dunn
Director General
Communications Branch

>> Response to CSIS reply

The text below was mailed as a hardcopy. Click to view the original letter.

Response to CSIS reply

John M. Dunn
Director General Communications Branch
Canadian Security Intelligence Service
Ottawa, Ontario

November 21 2006

Dear Mr Dunn,

I wish to thank you for replying to my letter of July 28 2006. In your reply you refer to our “theories,” in spite of the general disclaimer in the letter:

“It needs to be stressed that our analyses do not represent “theories” of any kind. They are conclusions based on what can only be described as ‘forensic analysis’.”

If the Director of CSIS, in referring to “Al Qaida,” means the false flag operation run by western intelligence agencies* under that name, we heartily agree that, “Al Qaida” and its “ideology” are “the most prominent and immediate terrorist security threat faced globally and domestically.”

In view of the irrefutable nature of the evidence we have adduced and in view of the fact that a growing proportion of North Americans (currently nearing the 40 percent mark}understand the War on Terror to be largely bogus, I can only suggest that CSIS prepare a public response in advance of widespread demands for a review of CSIS’ role in the “War on Terror.”

I say this as a committed Canadian Citizen who is very concerned about the kind of world we now live in.

A. K. Dewdney
Coordinator – Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-eleven

* I refer here to a subset of North American, British and Israeli agencies.

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