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Background Information

Since the year 2004 we have been certain enough that the terrorist attacks attributed to Al Qaeda were "black ops," that a search for potential perpetrators could begin. Among the prime suspects, naturally, were those countries pursuing the "war on terror" with the greatest energy. Israel, the United States, and Great Britain not only have well-developed spy agencies with much experience in "black ops," but all three will benefit from the seizure of middle eastern oil supplies and a return to colony staus for Afghanistan, Iraq, and quite possibly Iran, as well.

There is, in addition, the troubling question of whether and to what degree the United States itself has suffered a "soft coup" by elements with an Israeli origin. The neoconservatives are primarily a group of very strong Zionists with a clear agenda, as laid out in the Project for a New American Century document Rebuilding America’s Defenses, for example.

In this section we have placed two (well documented) reports of Israeli spying in the US, as well as articles indicating that Bush knew very well that the attacks were going to take place.

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