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Counterspin News on the Events Surrounding 9/11

Date Article Author
2002.08.02 9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon Washington Post
2003.09.06 This War on Terrorism Bogus Guardian UK
2011.04.09 Two-thirds of Americans want out of Iraq FDL

Al-Qaeda Cleric Exposed as MI5 Double Agent

Times UK
2004.05.22 Experts Convinced Berg Beheading Staged Asia Times

Al Qaeda Does Not Exist

Adam Curtis / British Broadcasting Corp.
2005.08.06 9/11 Skeptics Gaining Credence Daily Mail UK
  Americans Caught with Car Bomb in Baghdad (to be posted) Free Market News
2005.08.28 CIA Involvement in Lockerbie Bombing Scotland on Sunday
2005.09.19 British SAS Caught During Black OP? Le Monde, Xinhua
2006.09.11 Five Years After 9/11, The Mystery is Still Not Solved (translation) Dutch News Report

Indian Authorities: Muslim Bombings Were False Flag Operations

New York Times

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