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9/11 Links

The websites described below were selected from a much longer list that was compiled through a thorough search of the internet. The sites were selected according to two main criteria, namely quality of research and bona fides of operators. Other criteria included whether the website in question featured a LIHOP (let it happen on purpose) or MIHOP (made it happen on purpose) approach. In view of the mountain of evidence now unearthed, the LIHOP approach is no longer a valid option. We also refused to list websites that were unable to distinguish between Judaism (an ancient & honorable faith) and Zionism (a fascist ideology).

The websites are listed in alphabetical order under two headings: 911 Investigative Sites and News & Information Sites with a 911 Emphasis.

Below each site we have listed either the name of the individual or group responsible for the site or we inserted the word "anonymous." Some presenters prefer not to list their names for reasons of personal security.

Helen Stace’s 911 Media Reviews can be found here.

911 Investigative Sites

Journal of 9/11 Studies
This peer-reviewed, open-access, electronic-only journal, covers all significant research related to the events of 11 September, 2001. Fields represented include Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology, among others. Much of the ground-breaking research appears here first.
– Editors: Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, and Frank Legge

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
A very informative and well-designed site with a polish that reflects the professions involved. The site is packed with informative & useful features such as resources (downloadable powerpoint presentations); explanatory DVDs, mission statement, a long list of specific observations in capsule form, (e. g. why were windows blown out 400 feet away?) each tied to an article, and much more.
– Richard Gage

Combat Veterans for Change
"This site wants you to see both past and current events with the eyes of a combat veteran and to learn about experiences and grievances related to the horrors of combat and the aftermath of an ungrateful government who sent soldiers off to an illegal, unjustified and fabricated effort to attack a sovereign nation for nefarious reasons." (from the Introduction)
– John McCarthy

Analysis of north tower crash and extensive analysis of suspicious circumstances surrounding 911.
– Anonymous

German Engineers Help the USA
A photo-based analysis of the WTC crashes and the Pentagon crash.
– Anonymous

Killtown: Questioning the 9/11 Attacks
A review of the suspicious circumstances surrounding 911, includes many classic articles.
– Anonymous

Let’s Roll 911
A groundbreaking site that analysed the impact on the WTC south tower, as well as controlled demolition and remote control issues.
– Phil Jayhan

Liberty Forum 911
Zionists behind 911, contains an extensive news story bibliography.
– Anonymous

The Movement
An extensive analysis of the plane-swapping technique in relation to the four flights of September 11, as well as background information alleged hijackers, etc.
– Frank Levi

Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth
This site, which emphasizes the need for all three western faith groups to work together, feastures articles by leading 9/11 truth researchers, news features, upcoming presentations, conferences and other events. Several special articles, such as a thoughtful analysis of the Naudet video, make this site worth visiting.
– Kevin Barrett

Nine Keys to 9-11
This website provides an excellent summary of the major problems that knowledgeable people have with the Bush interpretation of 9/11. In this case, the "knowledge" is embedded in nine major points that have no explanation within the Bush scenario: no hikacker names (or faked names) on the official airline passenger lists; hole in the Pentagon too small to have been made by a 757; complete failure of cellphones to operate at cruising altitude; etc. One of the best places for "students" to start.
– Nick Kollerstrom

Operation Twin Towers
An all-Polish website with a wide range of topics and pointers to other relevant websites, an excellent gateway for Polish-speaking people. Put up by a former air-traffic controller, the website is particularly rich in image and video galleries.
– Slawomir M. Kozak

Patriots Question 9/11
From the preamble: “Many well known and respected senior members of the U.S. intelligence services, military, and government have publicly expressed significant criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report. Several even allege government complicity in the terrible acts of 9/11. This web site is an effort to collect and summarize these public statements and make them easily accessible. It should be made clear that none of these individuals are associated with this website.”
– Alan Miller

Pentagon Research
An attractively organized website with a central introduction and a sidebar menu that breaks the Pentagon attack down into some 22 different aspects, from the incoming flight path to the exit hole in the ŒC‚ ring. The remaining links explore the background to the event, as well as its many consequences.
– Russell Pickering

Pilots for 9/11 Truth
More than 50 pilots, air traffic controllers and other aviation professionals with skeptical views about the hijackers, their flying ability, the flight paths followed by the four Boeing aircraft, and related aspects of the 9/11 attacks have formed their own organization for the purpose of analysing and publicizing their findings. A special feature of this website is the Pandora’s Black Box series of flight data recorder analyses. Why does Flight AAL77 appear to overfly the Pentagon just as the FDR record ends — a full second before the alleged impact?
-Rob Balsamo

Citizens Investigation into 9/11 (C.I.T.)
A California-based team of researchers has been focusing exclusively on the Pentagon strike, producing some ground-breaking new studies that clearly refute the official story, including the alleged flight path of AAL 77. The site is rich in material, as long as you’re prepared for some scrolling, but full of interesting eyewitness interviews and other material in the INFO section.
-Craig Ranke

Prison Planet
A news and information site with regular radio and television broadcasts. Lots of war news and exposes of the 9/11 coverup.
– Alex Jones

Propaganda Matrix Archives
A news site with extensive 911 archival material, including all anomalies and contradictions in the official story.
Paul Joseph Watson

Public Action, Inc
Has the original Psyop News: Split-second Error & Blockbuster. Also includes the classic "Bumbleplanes" item.
– Carol Valentine

Team 8 +
This website, still in its formative stages, already provides amazing evidence of behind-the-scenes activity and organization in the flight paths of the ‘hijacked’ airplanes on the morning of September 11. It shows a very close relationship, not to say coordination, between radar coverage and the best places to make radar swaps.
– Frank Levi and Seven Others

9-11 and the Impossible
Gives an excellent summary of the attacks and the ensuing political fallout. Discusses the collapse of the twin trade towers, provides an analysis of witness testimony, and concentrates on the Pentagon strike, with a very detailed analysis of imagery.
– Ralph W. Olmholt

911 True Story
A good source for primary documents, whichever side of the 911 fence you currently reside on. Although somewhat unstructured, the site is small and features excellent links, many of them to video files.

The 911 We Know
Created for 911 neophytes, The 911 We Know is a portal to the evidence unearthed by 911 researchers. This comprehensive web resource offers a menu-driven variety of sources, including websites videos and books. It also hosts 911mysteries.com. Created by Sophia and Brad.

Reopen 911
A well-designed, three-stage portal into what we know about the events of 911 and subsequent terror attacks, along with a mine of related political and military intelligence. The first stage is the title and introductory paragraph, the second level is the article, and the third level links from the article.

911 Physics
A well-designed site with articles on specific aspects of the 9/11 attacks on US targets, as well special features on the London and Bali bombings. There is also a thoughtful debunking of the Popular Mechanics article (which attempted unsuccessfully to debunk the mainstream of 911 research) and an illuminating section on the New World Order.
-Chris Morganti

911 University
A brief, easy-to-understand yet thorough look at disinformation operations on the web, supplememted by effective graphics. Gives four signs of disinformation, cites a number of websites that fail the test, and has two extra pages, one explaining the concept of limited hangout, the other a graphic illustration of the structure of the “big lie.”

News & Information Sites with 911 emphasis

Keep yourself informed by bookmarking 911blogger.com and visiting frequently to stay abreast of important developments in the War on Error.

Political news and commentary, as well as continuing coverage of the war on Iraq and the war on terror. Special top item on neocon takeover of Washington a la Seymour Hersh

Power Hour
An audio webcasting news service with daily programs. Contains a large section on 911 research, including a large photo gallery.
Dave von Kleist & Joyce Riley

Propaganda Matrix
Carries political and war-on-teror news items that are updated daily, as well as extensive archives. A fine example of new media replacing old.
– Paul Joseph Watson

Covers a variety of topics from the WTC demolition to the Iraq war. A front page of libertarian philosophy accompanies a large list of topic areas.
– Peter Meyer

Signs of the Times
A news & information site with emphasis on 911, including examinations of the 911 movement, alleged Saudi involvement in 911, the Israeli "art students," etc.
– Arkadiusz Jadczyk, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, and others

Vialls Investigations: Exposing Media Disinformation
This expose of "media disinformation" features an enormous list of articles running down the centre of the page. The site covers 911 issues, as well as political and military stories, some garnered, some researched in site.
– Joe Vialls

Wayne Madsen Report
This lively and frequently updated website is operated by Wayne Madsen, a former Washington insider with experience as a communications security analyst with the National Security Agency in the 1980s, and an intelligence officer in the US Navy. The site relays intelligence gathered by unnamed sources close to the current situation, providing insights that explain US actions in the MIddle East better than the CNN take.
– Wayne Madsen

What Really Happened
A comprehensive website that raises a long list of unanswered questions on the main page and features illuminating articles on the collapse of the twin towers, as well as other puzzling features of the "terrorist" attacks.
– Mike Rivero

Wing TV
Regularly scheduled TV webcasts complement a useful collection of 911 articles and archives, including collapse of the twin towers and the Pentagon mystery plane. Also features world news items that are 911-related.
– Victorn Thorn and Lisa Guliani

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