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The Outsourcing Option

by Shelton Lankford
Six months ago I would have objected strenuously to inclusion of any LIHOP scenario to explain 9/11, on the basis that, in a matter on which so much was riding, the execution would never have been left to the competence of the 19 actors that they claimed were involved, even if the high perps had placed individuals in key position flying cover for them, so to speak. More recently I have become convinced that a third possibility is consistent with the facts as I understand them – one that does not depend on the competence of administration actors nor the 19.  Instead, outsourcing of the operation to another party known to be highly competent in this type of operation, that also has motivation and technical capabilities equal to the task, is a flavor of LIHOP that may indeed be possible to believe. It has the added advantage of having powerful motivation built in – the activation of the most powerful military machine in history on the side of a relatively small and weak country.  
I can think of only one organization for whom that scenario works. MOSSAD, or elements of that organization, it seems,  could have done it, and the presence and behavior of their agents  – e. g. the dancing Israelis and the George Washington Bridge truck, and the fact that they were deported after questioning (and their release was reportedly ordered by Judge Mukasey, our new AG nominee) are all consistent with that scenario.Christopher Bollyn recently released a report that alleges that a MOSSAD front company operating in the U. S. had the capability to modify Boeing 767 aircraft in a variety of configurations, including installation of remote control equipment. The presence of the large number of dual-citizen (U. S. /Israeli) officials in key slots in the administration, and their foreign policy orientation bolsters the case, as does this administration’s deep connection with AIPAC.  
There are several other aspects of this scenario that favor this explanation. It cuts down on the number of people in government who would be knowledgeable of the plan, and drastically cuts down on the number who would have to take direct part in the events. While there are several who would have to participate in the “flying cover” part, most would simply have to stay out of the way (and make sure no zealous employee took initiative to interfere), but leaving all the operational details to the ‘pro’s’ from out of town. 
It also fits with the natural inclination of the gang of corrupt thugs running our government. They believe in outsourcing what they can and it would be an attractive proposition to use an outside group. As in Operation Northwoods, we have historical precedent in the case of the USS Liberty attack. This is not to say that the U. S. Government rendered witting cooperation with the attack, but they bent way over backwards in covering it up to prevent it’s becoming a cause celebré for an anti-Israel movement here.  MOSSAD is notorious for the ability to keep secrets as well as competence in covert operations. 
(This was first posted on the Pilots for 9/11 Truth forum)
Shelton Lankford is a member of SPINE

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