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The War On Terror

Foreign and Domestic Incursions

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Please note: this page is preliminary.
Note: This new section was created in order to explore the world (and local) events slowly unfolding under the umbrella of the ‘War on Terror’. This wildly successful propaganda campaign is changing the landscape under our feet – socially, financially and of course politically in precisely the same way that the ‘Red Scare’ of past decades were able to mobilize western citizens under the protection of western governments which propagated this sort of programming. This section will be organized into several relevant sections; Propaganda & Disinformation, Globalism & The Western Axis – and another special yet-to-be-announced section.
Preliminary Topics:

Best Practices and Methods of False Flag Terrorism

The Ralph Peters Map
Cass Sunstein, OIRA and the Politics of Deregulation in the White House
Disinformation and Paranoia in the 9/11 Truth Movement: How Revolutions get Quashed
The truth is this – the so-called ‘War on Terror’ is a threat to democracy worldwide, both at home where it threatens the liberty and security of citizens (of the USA through the Department of Homeland Security, or in Canada through the Police and other Governmental Agencies, in England, through their equivalent programmes and elsewhere) and abroad where it serves as a pretext for neo-colonialist domination of (predominantly arab) under the title of ‘freedom and democracy’, capitalism or other terms. These terms serve as pretexts for the preliminary exercise creating a seed bed for ‘Globalism’ (read: global imperialist domination) by the ‘Western’military-industrial-banking complex.
Why should we be concerned about the plans of unknown figures behind locked doors in rooms far away? Perhaps for the same reasons we were concerned about the spread of Nazism in World War II… more to come.

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